Way of working

Step 1: Rinse

As soon as the plants arrive in our warehouse, the plants will be carefully inspected on quality.

If required by the foreign authorities, the plants will be root washed for export to countries which demands “free of soil”.

Step 2: Phyto Inspection

Phytosanitary inspections and PSI-inspections are taken by the authorities,  several times during the export process. Certification is done by the latest standards.

Step 3: Package

During decades of experience,  special packings are developed to transport our plants and keep the highest quality standard and to avoid any transport damage.

Plants will be packed on airplane pallets for air freight or into reefer containers for sea freight.

Also small shipments can be arranged in consolidated shipments.

Step 4: Transportation

Over the last decades Greenseasons has been exporting live materials by road, sea & airfreight to over 20 countries across 3 continents. 

Whatever Greenseasons is exporting, best care is giving to these alive plants and trees. This whilst taking good care that transportation costs are kept to a minimum.